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Salerno – 2015

Salerno – 2015


Parco Bellaria

A “lighthouse” in the night. Clearly visible for those arriving in Salerno from its main entrance, the sea.

A tower for communicating, seen from the sea. The antenna, a lighthouse that can be seen from afar when arriving in Salerno from its main entrance, the sea. Welcomes with an open and luminous sign, an ideal route which, starting from the gulf, climbs up to the top of the hill.

Salerno Antenna
Antenna Salerno

Park Project

The park project is interpreted through the modeling of the soil. The construction of the new natural terraces are integrated into the existing one without formal invasions. A linear boulevard aims to re-establish reciprocity relationships with the urban environment. The connection of the low and high belvedere, the museum square of the solar antenna and the the nature trails constitute a single thread of research.

Salerno Antenna
Salerno, I
Design Proposal, 1° Ranking
Landscape Architecture
Park & Garden
Comune di Salerno, NIB

Planimetry Level Belvedere

Planimetry Level Museum

Planimetry Level Square

Underground Exhibition Space

The museum represents a place of study, a place of memory in Salerno. A partially underground exhibition space. A space that can be used from the square through a panoramic staircase or the glass lift that drives to the – 8.40 altitude. The internal space should host exhibitions of the history of the botanical gardens of Salerno and have multimedia panels to communicate and read the various essences and their characteristics. We rediscover the value of botanical gardens which will guide the project and redevelopment of the park.

Creative Intuition and Design Strength

Architecture becomes creative intuition and design strength. The antenna expresses an image of lightness, a marked territorial sign, combining high quality, technology and design beyond time. It shelter us, transports us from the square level, through the lift or the project staircase onto a suspended walkway/belvedere. The skin in perforated aluminum, with frames and structure in aluminum. A system of photovoltaic films are integrated into the skin of the project, invisible, but capable of self-powering the new Park Colle Bellaria, the antenna structure and the historical museum-botanical archive.



Alessia Maggio
Andrea Abatecola
Claudia Avanzi
Valerio Moglioni
Matthias Polettini
Fabio Togni

Franco Mazzetto
Maurizio Falzea




1° Premio International Ideas Competition Colle Bellaria ed Antenna/Landmark, Salerno (SA)


Salerno Antenna
Salerno Antenna
Salerno Antenna
Salerno Antenna