The philosophical thought of Amaart architects feeds on the spiritual dimension of architecture. The creation of meaningful, enriched and innovative spaces. The multidisciplinary studio is aimed at finding a unique design process. The unique character of the concept is the process starting point for our architectural project which targets a people centered and shared architecture for everyone, enjoyed by all. A people centered and shared architecture for everyone has to start with the unique character of a concept. This is the starting point for an architectural project with unique spaces. We strive for new spatial solutions and focus on nascent architecture to achieve the fusion of urban context, human and design.


Vigna Clara Roma, 2016

Philosophy - Vigna Clara


Light and material are the most important tools we use to create a unique dialogue with a design expression. The material becomes a logical expression of architectural investigations and its substance. An architecture made up of symbols and links with the context. And so the material becomes its interpreter. A surface where the gaze rests and dreams. In the search for new formalities we find the density of the illuminated bodies: “White mass” in contrast with the opaque bodies, in the shadow. We search for the extension of that line of continuity that transmigrates from architecture and bends towards the urban, towards the ground on which we root it. The sourrounding of the building stands in harmony to the building and architecture itself and does not interfere on the landscape as it serves to explain it.


Building Valle Aurelia, 2018

Philosophy - Stazione Valle Aurelia


Ecological innovation is the basis of all our work. From the fusion of landscape and architecture to energy conservancy, resilient and collaborative design, the integration of fresh air, light and green space. These are the core values ​​that are important and specific to each site. Based on the theoretical and practical experiences, the design team uses up-to-date methods and technologies to actualize the generated ideas. Particular attention is paid to the choice of materials and construction techniques that ensure the product a high level of environmental comfort and considerable energy savings. We always adopt technological solutions capable of satisfying the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own. A first step towards an armistice between nature and architecture.


Parco Colle Bellaria e Landmark, 2015  

Philosophy - Competition Parco Colle Bellaria and Landmark, 2015


We are sensitive to the quality of the architecture and the territory. The design competition helps us to promote architectural research. It initiates lively cultural exchanges, debates and meetings and is a crucial moment of intellectual growth. We want to underline the importance of the design competition to get yourself known. We want to make our professionalism and our skills known and respected.



Architecture Urban Mobility - Marina di Cerveteri


Mobility spaces are at the heart of a transformation in which the protagonist is the public space. The studio is accompanying these processes, through projects that transform stations, streets, and squares, contributing to a change. A transformation of people’s lifestyle and movement strongly integrated with public transport. A new mobility to make cities more interconnected and livable, clean and also to build beauty and poetry thanks to a new architecture. The studio tries to give shape to today’s new ideals of well-being that unite culture and way of life rendering the entire area of the station a point of reference for people, as an example of harmonization between technology, sustainability and aesthetics.




We know that every project is unique and has different clients, contexts, constraints and budgets. Amaart establishes a strong relationship with the customer to offer an excellent service, always satisfying the needs, respecting the times and controlling the costs and the construction process. The studio is structured to support clients in all design phases, acting as a consultant during the design phase, as well as coordinator of the entire process. The projects are designed to adapt to the unique needs of the individual client and to be placed in a unique context with its own identity. Amaart designs works and creates designs for its client. We listen to your specific requests and take care of bringing them to fruition without neglecting any detail.


Process - BF UNIVERSITY - Graphic and Digital Design. BF Void


Amaart offers a design service linked to the search for solutions and aimed at responding to your personal needs that take into account the contemporary situation, combining functionality and aesthetics. We are able to provide an efficient service, from the preliminary concept to the single construction detail. Our experience is at your disposal for project coordination or project consultancy. We can act as local architect or supervise for international clients. Amaart leads a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary team process to design spaces of lasting beauty and function. We collaborate with architecture and engineering firms providing our multidisciplinary and technical knowledge which is essential especially for complex projects. This method allows information to flow freely between architects, engineers, technical specialists, operators and promotes productive and open working relationships.