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Napoli 2019

Napoli 2019


Disused Areas Portici

Masterplan for the revitalization of the Portici Waterfront a Napoli

Pietrarsa Museum, a social place, for shows, events and exhibitions. An everted and dynamic space. The light decks and wooden walkways characterize the intervention as minimally invasive; it wants to find direct relationships with the site where it takes place. The suspended squares become natural viewpoints, the frame of an enchanted landscape. The long seats allow rest and the functions will be small spaces, understood as architectural enclosures created with panoramic terraces, suspended between land and sea. Unique places of a dancing and light public space.

Darsena and Metro

The Nuova Darsena and the Metro del Mare nearby the Pietrarsa Museum, develops through a connection of several urban levels. Held together by piers suspended over the sea. This space is conceived as a single large public space, where the project can be connected to the water front and where new relationships can be rediscovered and triggered.

Stazione Portici Ercolano

The views are distributed through the compositional system of the architectural complex. From the BOW window, suspended between the platform and the sea, the user can contemplate the landscape. Through the system of cuts made, as an incision in the volume, the urban landscape is formed in a dance of suggestions.

Portici, I
Comune di Portici

Recovery Area

The competition project Portici is distinguished by a methodological training and research approach in the analysis of the areas proposed by the Competition of Ideas to better address the complex areas, a logical thread has been established and a single narrative for the entire planimetric and graft of the project and recovery areas.



Alessia Maggio
Luca Bertolini
Fabio Francesconi
Silvia Marmiroli
Alessio Ricci
Dario Taffi

Alice Guarisco
Maurizio Falzea




4° Premio International Ideas Competition Waterfront Portici, Napoli 2019