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Supermostra22 – AMAART

Supermostra22 curated by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi e Ilaria Olivieri. A selection of the works of 22 studies for a story of contemporary transformations in Italian architecture.

The goal is to become an observatory whose purpose is to verify what is interesting and new on the national scene today.

The inauguration takes place on 18 November 2022 at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, with the collaboration of the order of architects of Rome.

The international tour starts on 09 March 2023 in Albania at the University of New York Tirana (UNYT).

Publications - Supermostra 22


Casa dell’Architettura. OAR.

18 Nov – 02 Dic 2022 – Rome, Italy

University of New York – UNYT East Campus.

9 Mar – 18 Mar 2023 – Tirana, Albania

Architecture Festival. Abitare la Vacanza.

15 Apr – 30 Apr 2023 – Piombino, Italy

Architecture and Urban Culture SACU.

30 Lug – 3 Ago 2023 – Camerino, Italy


CERSAIE – Press Cafès. IoArch Cafè.

29 Sep 2023 – Bologna, Italy


Urban Transformation and Design

Amaart, selected among the 22 Italian studios, exhibits a representative project, chosen in the context of the theme of mobility.

With the Valle Aurelia project, designer Alessia Maggio develops an interpretative research linked to contemporary themes, from mobility to urban transformation and design.

Architecture is about intersecting mobility, urban transformation and design. And then working with materials, light, shadows, transparencies.

Valle Aurelia Supermostra22

Project in the field of mobility

A project for railway stations Ferrovie Italiane. The restyling project of the Valle Aurelia station in Rome. A station in the center of Rome which was characterized by a vertical development. The idea of creating a double skin in expanded metal arose from the need to offer a new architectural and formal look to the existing building.