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Roma – 2020

Roma – 2020



Reinventing Cities by C40. Call for tenders for the environmental and urban redevelopment of the areas adjacent to the Tuscolana station in Rome.

Roma Tuscolana RT is an urban regeneration project. The Reinventing Roma Tuscolana Project intends to build a new “part of the city”, identifying and recognizable but also site specific. Customs, domesticity and quality of the urban space make the Tuscolano and Piazza Ragusa one of the areas of Rome richest in the identified traits of the Modern in Rome.

Roma Tuscolana - Railway Station and residential neighborhood
Roma Tuscolana - Playground

To move witdh the times

Roma Tuscolana is an economic and social development project, which sets its center of gravity in the area of ​​the Tuscolana station, translating the values ​​and guiding ideas of the place-based economy to the neighborhood scale and suggesting new “perimeters of action”, identified both on the vertical of plural territorial hierarchies and on the horizontal of relational systems that are by definition open and inclusive.

Roma Tuscolana - Cubo
Roma, I
Gruppo FS Italiane, Comune di Roma

Roma Tuscolana - Urban gardens

Green Deal

Roma Tuscolana RT is also an economic and social development project that declines the principles of the place-based economy on a local scale, inserting them into the metropolitan fabric of the large Linear Park, part of a more extensive infrastructural framework capable of also ensuring traffic between the Tuscolana Station and the Metro A Ponte Lungo station. RT thus becomes the project of an Urban Infrastructure of the Food Cycle, an expression of the agro-ecological vision underlying the European Green Deal. The City of Innovation is RT’s contribution to policies focused on the health of citizens and the protection of ecosystems.



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