Salerno – 2013

Salerno – 2013


Artist Shadows

The darkness that opaque bodies make, on the opposite side to that which is illuminated.

Artist Shadows. Lat.Umbra. Term of the Painters, by which they generally mean that more or less dark color, which degraded towards the light, serves in painting to give relief to the thing represented. A world designed for the passage and crossing of the shadow towards the light and vice versa. The shadow: the shelter, the interior – The Light: the freedom, the exterior – The Threshold: the passage between interior and exterior, duality between light and shadow/co-presence

Ombre d'artista
Artist Shadows

Architectural installation

The design choice adopted is based on the creation of architectural installations, of places within places, where to rediscover the relationship with the city through the duality of contrasts given by light and shadow. Research places. Places of passage. Waiting places. Observation places. Spaces in which to observe and recognize parts of urbanity. The shadow found within the spaces becomes for the passer-by a source of rediscovery of the city he has always known and inhabited. They are ideal, metaphysical places, habitable and usable architectural sculptures.

Artist shadows

Salerno, I
Installation & Exibition
Comune di Salerno, Ass. Effetti Collaterali
Artist Shadows
Artist Shadows

Rear-projections on white canvas

The project Artist Shadows intends to show and reveal the city through the elements of the project with dreamlike contaminations. Rear-projections on white canvas, between the window frames of Palazzo Genovese depicting recognizable elements of Salerno (monuments, statues, fountains). Creation of a sculptural element, in the center of the square of the camp, where only one man at a time can have access. Entering the dark and being illuminated from above, by a slit of light (primary source: natural light) allows man to rediscover the spatial dimension and proportion. A sculptural sundial where the shadow cast on the object scans shapes and images on the ground, but whose threshold can be crossed, traversed. Shadow is the protagonist of this element, light is its syncratic structure.



Alessia Maggio
Andrea Abatecola
Valerio Moglioni
Alessio Ricci
Michela Vivaldi




Primo Premio – Concorso Internazionale d’Idee Ombre d’artista, Salerno