Artist Paciulo

Set-up in iron



Milano, IT


The subtle irony … in becoming the art of Surprise, of Enchantment, like a scene waiting to be represented, a place within a place … where Architecture becomes art of passage, a moment, eternal only in memory or in the images witnessing the event.

Allestimento Paciulo
Allestimento Paciulo

Frame and support

Developing an exhibition design shared with the artist, the architect interprets the personal and creative will of the person who creates the work and expresses it at its best. The Theme: the lightness of the frame and supports.

Allestimento Paciulo

Corten steel

The work must be in the foreground, the supports become invisible and the study of the FRAME element is aimed at making it part of the painting, a work itself. Frames made of acid-treated corten steel, thickness, …