LIM Museo

LIM Museo


Concorso Internazionale di Idee

2016, London, Regno Unito



Location: London, Regno Unito – Tipologia: Concorso Internazionale di Idee – Anno: 2016 – Cliente: Beebreeders – Architetto: Alessia Maggio PH.D.




From NATURE to ARCHITECTURE towards time and space


A fluid facade will be facing the waterfront of the Thames. So to be seen from the water edge in a researched dialog with the urban context and the water front.

The New Internet museum project aim is to develop a sensibility of space able to generate dynamic movement on the ground, the facade and the internal spaces. The intent of the architectural system is to provide a sensible-flexible space program that will lead the visitor along the experience and knowledge of the IT information complexity.

The facade Materia design is based on the conceptual generation of lines and diagrams that are the projection of an invisible web connection. Brought out as guideline that builds the structure of the external skin. There is no division between the inside and the outside of the architecture building. Leaving freedom in the circulation system.

The facade will be a glow of light accentuated by the different materials of the main façade, obtaining a body which is integrated in the landscape. The waterfront of the river Thames is an important part of the development of the architectonic shape.


LIGHT and REFERENCE into the urban glow


Fluid MATERIA lead concept of a new formal space system program.

A silent animal is designed to capture the existing old station building. Where the internal functions are held together by the new museum plan design. New design and Old will be a held together by space and a new material Roof that made of sensible sheds.

The bioclimatic nature of the architecture allows daylight and solar radiation to penetrate deeply into the building. The two telescopic towers not only lead the view towards the sky but will allow the night illumination project and be able to capture the solar energy to be brought into the building system.

The exhibition spaces are reachable with a circular staircase structure that is built within the architectonic formal project.