Aalto Museo

Aalto Museo


Concorso Internazionale di Idee, 2015, Finlandia, FI

Alvar Aalto Museum



Location: Jyväskylä, FI, Finlandia – Tipologia: Concorso Internazionale di Idee – Anno: 2015 – Cliente: Alvar Aalto Foundation, City of Jyväskylä- Architetto: Alessia Maggio PH.D. – Team: A. Abatecola, F. Togni

Sito ufficiale concorso: Alvar Aalto Foundation External Link from AMAART




The site area position suggested itself an urban natural development of the project, defining a necessity to create a new link to the urban scale. The project for the new CONNECTION.

The Open space as a conceptual space of unique definition, the space In-between.

A link to transformation. This connection project is a gateway in-between the two existing museums, but it would be a link to the natural environment. The connection form generates new panoramic views. As well it increases the forces incoming from the historical important Alvar Aalto museums.




THE DOUBLE SKY WINDOWS are an innovate experience of space and light. The extension project is a place for man to remember and contemplate, time and silence.

The project aim is to produce a DOUBLE space for Interaction spaces of high quality design that develop a new awareness of the surrounding but also of the existing museums. Space in EXPANSION where the ONESTY of architectural intent is expressed with the formal outreach connection towards nature. Material of the facade is composed of local birchwood, dark in the outside and bright in the inside spaces. A FLOW of energy…




The main design goal is to increase the usability of the museum function, throughout a technical effective intervention that will increase the overall functionality. The connection design will push and develop a new use of the existing site area. The project is based on three levels, the connection
level, (connection entrance, museum shop, workstation area, and exibithion sky gallery), the upper level and third floor will still include a part of the museum shop and a visual exhibition space. The SKY WINDOWS will guide the visitor attention to natural light and a unique view towards the city.

In the project design concept there is the will of building a technological multipurpose tower that includes a heating system, the caffetteria area. This concept design does seek spiritual CONNECTION with Alvar Aalto and his personal genius. This Architecture would like to speak a Finnish formal language. It is able to reach the awareness of the important historical load within the genius loci. This intervention should rappresent an opportunity to bring to life a NEW PUBBLIC SPACE.The project design is formaly effective, it will be a symbol of identity for the site. At night the substance of the outside wooden façade will transform his figure into a surface that brings Art and light to life. Inserting a natural glow in the City of Jyvaskyla.