Award Gada 2019 - Valle Aurelia

Global Architecture & Design Awards, GADA 2019

The project “Restyling of Valle Aurelia Railway Station Rome Italy” has received the First Award for Global Architecture & Design Awards 2019 for the Category Transportation (Built).

GADA Global Architecture & Design Awards 2019 hosted by RFT certificates first award to AMAART. An all exclusive design ward, analyzing and comparing the works of architects and designers under the rubric of sustainability and innovation.

IAA Award 2019 - Valle Aurelia

The Architecture Community – International Architecture Awards 2019

The Architecture Community TAC has awarded the project Valle Aurelia Restyling Rome width the Second Award in International Architecture Awards 2019, category Transportation.

The project for Valle Aurelia station aim’s essentially in offering to the urban contest a new dialog with the existing infrastructure system, this happens throughout the design of an urban space that speaks with the design of the visible skin that folds and envelops the existing building structure. The railway station Stazione Valle Aurelia is for the roman area a new prospective scenery to evoke virtuous change in the city landscape.


LUXlife Magazine – Leading Designers Awards – Italy’s Most Innovative Practice 2019

AMAART architects, Alessia Maggio Arch. Ph.D. has been recognized width the LUXlife Award. Leading Designers Awards 2019 – Italy’s most innovative architectural practice 2019.

AMAART studio is an architectural firm that believes ardently in the seamless integration of innovative architectural design in established urban landscapes. Naturally, AMAART was the perfect fit for the title of ‘Italy’s Most Innovative Architectural Practice’ in LUX life’s 2019 Leading Designers programm.


BUILD Magazine – Home And Garden Awards – Best Architectural Project Design Firm 2019 – Italy

United Kingdom, BUILD Magazine has announced AMAART Best Architectural Project Design Firm 2019.

Iconic Award 2018

Rat fĂźr Formgebung –  Iconic Award 2018, Innovative Architecture – Selected

Rat fĂźr Formgebung has awarded 2018 the railway station Vigna Clara width the Iconic Award 2018, Innovative Architecture – Selected. Established by the German Design Council, an independent German organization, the Iconic Awards particularly reward excellence in innovation and visionary buildings width the ability to deliver innovative and cross-cutting solutions.

Rethinking the future - RTF

Rethinking The Future rtf –  Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018 – WINNER

Restyling Vigna Clara Station Rome-Italy has received the First Award in Global Architecture & Design Awards under the category Transportation (built). Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018, Rethinking the Future RTF.

The project represents a new way for architecture of the function in holds inside, it does not only symbolize the station function, but a place where passenger will find a reference in its form. The architecture aim is to push and provoke a new composition gesture so to create a new link between man, city and the function (station).



Concorso Internazionale – Progetto Vincitore

Primo Premio-Concorso Internazionale d’Idee Parco del Colle Bellaria ed Antenna/Landmark, Salerno 2015 promosso dal Comune con la collaborazione del partner tecnico “NewItalianBlood” nell’ambito del festival internazionale Gate: Genius Loci|Architettura|Territorio|Economia, che ha animato in questi mesi il dibattito sui temi dell’architettura del futuro legata al territorio.

Ombre d'artista Salerno

Concorso Internazionale  – Progetto Vincitore

Primo Premio-Concorso Internazionale d’Idee Ombre d’artista, Salerno, progetto vincitore primo premio 2013.